Good Okay Advice To Students Seeking Tech Internships

A workshop given by an imposter to many people who feel they are one too.

According to stock photos this what I am supposed to look like.

Step 0: Opening Up Career One

Before we even begin to start — a foreword by the author: Angelo Saraceno. Keep in mind this advice isn’t concrete and there are a million and one ways to get an internship/job. Literally you can drop on your knees in front of a recruiter and start to cry to win their sympathy and that might work, you can also ask a friend for openings and roles. Consider this article without warranty and consider edge cases not to be accounted for. This will be a long one too.

“Thanks Angelo.”

Step 1: Cracking The Resume

Having a good resume is a lot like having a nice car. Sure you can drive any car to work and yeah the car might be falling apart. Wait — scratch that, I have a better analogy.

*movie trailer voice* This summer
Experience is experience
Pretty graphics courtesy of Arthur Camara

Step 2: Demolishing The Application

I am going to give you guys an open secret. Online applications are a giant black hole to where your application and input goes into a machine where you are last in the queue. The reality is, you have a better chance landing an interview at Google flying over to THE PLEX and then screaming at whatever flavor of Android statue there is. Now here comes the other open secret. Recruiters like hearing from potential applicants, if you do their job for them and walk in on their inbox like you own the place (just be kind and respectful in your correspondence) then you will more likely get a response rather than being carried away to Alphabet Holdings Penitentiary for verbally defacing a corporate monument.

Step 3: Obliterating The (Human) Parts Of The Interview

Congratulations, reader_name

It would be best to ask your interviewer what this means too.

Some closing thoughts

If you read every single bad joke made thus far, then my door is open to you within reason. Feel free to drop me a line on the DMs over at the twitter (at)ndneighbor. This is a huge and very impactful field and it is very dangerous to go at it alone. I hope this article was fun to read as much as it was fun to write.

  1. It’s not fun, but it’s okay.
  2. You still belong in tech, their loss.
  3. The writer of this article is probably more unqualified than you. I am not being humble this is the truth please convince me to unpublish this por favor

About The Author

FIU student Angelo Saraceno hates writing in the third person. Ex-Adobe intern and founded this weird thing called DIID that is now existing in Canada. Angelo enjoys putting words together where sometimes it makes no sense. Taco rotella racetrack bathroom car. Catch him at a hackathon near you.

Radically moderate. Constructively discontent.

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